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External lighting of railway vehicles

External lighting of the train, being a key safety factor, must be of high quality, must be reliable and must possess appropriate parameters of the light beam which enables a driver to spot a possible obstacle on the rails in the appropriate time.

We have a very rigorous, disciplined and responsible approach to the production of our lights. We are proud that the technical parameters of our lights meet the highest requirements of the railway standards rather than the lower minimum. In terms of operation, it allows to obtain improved visibility and gain an extra fraction of a second for a driver to react to an obstacle and reduce the effects of a collision. We offer a wide selection of lighting components for rail vehicles, both in the technology of halogen lamps and in the technology of LEDs in different colours.



  • White halogen light KPM-24H (on a separate mounting plate)
  • White halogen light KPM-24H and red halogen light KPM-24C (on a common mounting plate)



  • Red halogen light KPM-24C
  • Red LED light KPM-24LED C
  • Red and green LED light KPM-24LED Z/C
  • White and blue and red rare lights at the end of the train KPM-24LED BNC


The lights which we produce are used in the construction of new trains and in the modernization of rail vehicles. Lights and projectors made by Posteor can in an easy way and at the minimum cost replace old projectors and lights where the light source is a traditional unreliable bulb with a filament. Adjusting of the light beam is very simple and can be performed with two adjustment screws. Projectors are powered by an EPN electronic voltage converter.

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